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Are you bored with your Exercise Routine?
February 23, 2016, No Comments

by Angela M. Berry So you have been very good at maintaining your exercise routine, but now you find it very hard to con ...
Change Your Eating Habits
February 21, 2016, No Comments

By Angela M. Berry Calling all super moms, super dads, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and others who are always on ...

10 Things Every Woman Should Own!
February 20, 2016, No Comments

By Ann-Marie Payne Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but never seem to have anything to wear? All women should have ...
“Still I Rise: A Strategic Look at Resilience”
February 20, 2016, No Comments

By Dr. LaTrelle Jackson Have you ever wondered how some people overcome insurmountable challenges, while others seem to ...
Secrets to Aging Gracefully
August 6, 2014, No Comments

By Angela M Berry, CPT Women near 50 years of age and older will notice their body functions ...

It’s Planting Season…
October 13, 2013, No Comments

By Dr. LaTrelle D. Jackson The saying, “You Reap What You Sow” has been passed down for generations.  Why h ...

Jumpstart Your Fitness Commitment During the Holidays
October 13, 2013, No Comments

By Angela M Berry, CPT The holidays are around the corner. It’s time to plant your fitness ...
Anatomy of a Bad Habit
June 25, 2013, No Comments

By Dr. LaTrelle D. Jackson Have you ever looked back and wondered how did I get to this point?  Perhaps you used to be ...

Your Faith: The Missing Link to Your Weight Loss Success
June 24, 2013, No Comments

By Carla T. Hardy, MS, CSCS We’ve all heard: “Eat fewer calories, yo ...

“Destiny Building…One Thought at a Time”
March 19, 2013, No Comments

LaTrelle D. Jackson, Ph.D. We create our world everyday through our words, connections with others, and the way we perce ...