Kim S

Welcome to Esteem Magazine!

Mission: Esteem was built on the theory that Mind, Body & Spirit are connected. When the mind, body and spirit work together in harmony, the possibilities are endless.

Goal: Esteem’s goal is to stimulate positive thinking, promote healthy behavior & uplift the spirits of women. Esteem features cutting‐edge commentary from experts on issues that matter to you most – health and fitness, finances, professional development, leisure, love, family and faith. My hope is that you will find the articles in this issue as informative and motivating as I have.

Demographic Profile:
Audience: Women of Color Age Group: 35-45+
Average IEI: $35,000+ Annually
Education: Attended/Graduated College
Employment: Professional/Managerial
Marital Status: Single & Married
Frequency: Quarterly

Sincere Thanks
I would be remiss if I did not thank those who have supported me in this venture whether by providing a listening ear, advice, referrals, buying an ad or writing an article. Your contributions are truly appreciated. Thank you!

So please… go ahead. Engage! Evolve! Become!

Kim Sheffield