Healthy Relationships REALLY Do Start With You!

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By Gwendolyn Tennard Owens


Father, open the flood gate and allow me to do your will and that is to help those who are hurting. Thank you for giving me a platform to tell my story. I was once hurt, had low self -esteem and struggled with life. Sometimes I felt like I could not make it another day but you sustained me. You chose this path for me so that I could be a vessel and tell of your goodness, faithfulness, unmerited favor and love. Great is your mercy towards me and the precious lives that I will touch.

My life’s work is to empower women to be great mothers, leaders, survivors, conquerors, businesswomen and sisters. We ARE our “sister’s” keeper. Women we must walk in faith and purpose. We must uplift one another. There are so many of us who have no direction, who are in pain, who are unemployed and in abusive relationships. Extend yourself to a woman who is in need.

I have learned that, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. “Joy comes when you surrender every heartache that you are holding onto that is poisoning your life. Joy comes when you forgive the unforgivable. So, allow “joy to come in the morning” by releasing those heavy weights.


When a relationship ends, it’s for a reason. That person was placed in your life to help you grow and learn more about whom you really are and give you wisdom. God does us a favor by removing people out of our lives, but yet we hold on. If the relationship does not compliment who you are and help you grow, then the answer is right in front of your face. Don’t ignore the signs unless you are a “sucker” for heartache.

I know the feeling all too well; I was one of those people who held on knowing the relationship was over! When I look back, I ask myself what in the HELL was I thinking? Save yourself and run as fast as you can. The signs are there; don’t ignore them!


As the evening winds down, think about how blessed you really are and how you can make someone else’s life a little brighter! Love is healing! Truth is freeing! Peace is priceless! Think on these things!

I pray that everyone that is reading this will find the courage and strength to pave forward and never look back!


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You cannot depend on another human being to make you feel whole. Loving yourself is what makes you complete. In order to have a healthy relationship, you cannot bring negative energy from a previous one. Do the work so that you won’t unintentionally sabotage a potentially good relationship.

Gwendolyn Tennard Owens is a native of Houston, Texas. She graduated from Houston Baptist University with a dual degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and English.  Throughout her fourteen years as an educator in Texas and Georgia, she mentored and encouraged students to excel , have purpose and follow their dreams. Mrs. Owens has triumphed and overcame a devastating divorce, low self-esteem, a life-threatening illness and job loss. She decided to follow her calling and create her life’s work Relationships Start with You. RSWY transforms lives through self-discovery by letting go of the past, forgiving others, loving yourself unconditionally, and having healthy relationships. Gwendolyn is a mother and grandmother. She resides in Ellenwood, Georgia with her husband Vargus.

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