FINDING LOVE: 5 Deadly Habits That Keep Mr. Right Away (continued)

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4. Not BEing Visible

It has been said, “Home is where the heart is.” But home is NOT where you will find that love you have been seeking. Not in front of the television and not on your couch.  Rediscover the fun things in your life and you will find that the love you seek is out waiting for you.  Let the one you seek find you having the time of your life and they will inquire how they can be part of the fun.

5. Not BEing Ready

Bad vibes and bad attitudes do not a ready woman make. Translated, you must begin to purge and evolve beyond past hurts and poor choices in order to be ready to be part of something that is good for you. Too many jump from one relationship to another only to spread and increase their pain. Learn the lesson from the past and apply your knowledge to the relationship of the future. You will find all your hard work will pay you forward more than you can imagine.

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