Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

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By Sheryl M. Merritt
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Recently, I had this conversation with God. I asked, “God, why does the climb have to be so challenging? I know that You (God) didn’t promise that life would be easy, but lately I have felt that things have been dauntingly difficult for me. I use to climb with greater ease. Let’s face it. Since I said that I would serve You, life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. But, I know that You are always with me to bring me through. Somehow, saying it is easier than believing it. (I know, I know … we should say it until it becomes a reality for us and that handles the believing), but honestly Lord, with the onslaught of things coming against me, I feel overwhelmed, confused, bewildered, estranged from You (sometimes), more burdened than others, tested beyond measure, and more.”

What led me to this point? The enemy was attacking me fiercely. He started with my finances, threw arrows at my confidence, and bombarded me with fear. A dear loved one passed away. I even had a panic attack. I was scared and didn’t know what was going on. My mind ached; my body ached; my soul ached. The tears were flowing uncontrollably and I even hyperventilated. Did I say I was scared? Fear took over and I began to frantically try to find someone to help me, pray with me, get me out of this attack.

My sister came to my rescue, but as I tried to explain to her what was going on, I had no words because I didn’t even know what was happening. Even though she was there with me physically, I knew that I had to get into God’s presence to bring me out. That’s when I realized that I was not powerless. I was weak at the moment; yes, but not powerless. So I dug deep within and whispered these words. “God, help me. Please help me. Thank you for helping me.” Next, I started confessing the Word of God — that He has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” I said it repeatedly to keep from having a nervous breakdown. I reminded God that I am His covenant child and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper in the name of Jesus and that He said in Psalms 91 that He would protect me.

I started singing my favorite praise and worship songs. But the tears were still coming so I felt that I needed to pull out the big guns. I put on my “Atomic Power of Prayer” CD by Dr. Cindy Trimm and it was on! When I say that Dr. Trimm casts out every kind of demon in that CD, it is no exaggeration. She prays with such authority and uses scripture to enforce it. I felt that sense of heaviness lifting off of me as I prayed in my heavenly language, repeated what she was saying and moaned when I couldn’t get out anything else.

As I started to feel myself coming back to a strong state of mind, I remembered that I’m responsible for fighting the good fight of faith. I knew that I had to stir myself up like David. I am resilient.

God doesn’t promise us that we won’t go through trials and tribulations. What He does promise is that He will never leave us nor forsake us. And since that time, I have learned how to be content. I have learned how to stretch a meal, cook better, and use far less. In the period of lack came a level of resourcefulness I had never known before.

Someone asked me recently, “with everything that has come against you, how do you make it?’ My answer, “God is my hope. He said in my weakness I am made perfect. He won’t leave me in this valley forever. I know that my breakthrough is coming. I’ll have double for my trouble; beauty for ashes; gain for my shame. He loves me.” Keeping the faith and continuing to write about His goodness and grace as I run this race!


SMerritt2Sheryl is a writer who “creates and helps you develop a personal relationship with The Creator, which ultimately enhances the gift of creativity within; the gift He gave you.”  Sheryl’s first ministry writing was, “A Letter to My Friends,” a powerful letter, statement of faith, personal testimony and invitation to salvation that Sheryl sent to family, friends and loved ones.  Her first book, Dates with Jesus, released in 2011 takes readers on a journey of Sheryl’s relationship with Jesus forged through seven years of dating Him.   Her second work, Climbing Mountains, coming soon, is a spiritual journey with Sheryl and others covering their mountain experiences and faith stirring walks with God.

Sheryl also operates Creator in Me, an experiential ministry producing artistically and creative activities that are both challenging and personally fulfilling destined to bring out the Creator in you so you can practice a closer walk with God.

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