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By Sheryl M. Merritt

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Proverbs 18:7 in the Bible says, “A fool’s mouth is his destruction and his lips are the snare of his soul.”  A little further down in verse 21, it reads, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”  It’s simple, right? But how do we control our mouths?  And why is it so challenging?

Let’s go on a crusade to break the bad habit of negative talk in our lives.

It is irritating when people speak negatively about themselves or their situation. It is bothersome because they possess the key to turn their situation around for good, yet they don’t even recognize it.  They speak all the wrong things, make negative confessions and trap their own souls.

What makes matters worse is when you explain to the person the importance of watching what they say, they respond with, “well, I’m just being realistic and telling it like it is.” But stating the fact about a matter doesn’t mean that is all there is to see and know.  That is merely the beginning and understanding of the principle that those things we see are temporary (subject to change) and that which we don’t see is eternal.   We should speak the truth and tell it (the circumstance, sickness, etc.) what it shall become.  By faith, we speak what we want to see as the desired outcome.  For example, you could say, “My blood pressure is going to be high today because I am stressed out!”  Guess what your words set in motion to happen?  Most likely, your blood pressure will be high.  But is it more difficult to say, “I have the peace of God today that keeps me from getting stressed and I am healed of high blood pressure by the blood of Jesus.”  Generally, people don’t speak what they don’t know, so studying the Word of God and knowing the promises that He made for us to stand and build our faith upon is crucial.  Breaking bad habits will not come without a cost.  There must be time and effort to do the right thing.

It is imperative that we speak the truth in love.  It’s not speaking in love when we are speaking against ourselves.  It’s not helpful when our snared souls get in the way because we don’t know how to be quiet and speak from the spirit instead.  Our soul is comprised of our mind, will and emotions.  Too often we speak out of our emotions like anger, fear, and pain. While we are ‘all up in our own mind,’ we don’t tap into the spirit and look at things from an eternal perspective.

The Word teaches that “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”  If we are not first confessing the Word and speaking positively, there is not an abundance of the Word in our heart.  A wise person said, “If you learn a good habit, you won’t always have to correct a bad one.”  It’s not too late for any of us.  The question then becomes, “are you willing to learn good habits, to replace the bad ones of speaking negatively, to ultimately get better results in your life?”  Are you ready to “Say it ain’t so?”  Are you ready to stop saying what the reality of it is and say it ain’t so; it’s actually what God says it is?  If so, then let’s begin today!

SMerritt2Sheryl M. Merritt
Sheryl is a writer who “creates and helps you develop a personal relationship with The Creator, which ultimately enhances the gift of creativity within; the gift He gave you.”  Sheryl’s first ministry writing was, “A Letter to My Friends,” a powerful letter, statement of faith, personal testimony and invitation to salvation that Sheryl sent to family, friends and loved ones.  Her first book, Dates with Jesus, released in 2011 takes readers on a journey of Sheryl’s relationship with Jesus forged through seven years of dating Him.   Her second work, Climbing Mountains, coming soon, is a spiritual journey with Sheryl and others covering their mountain experiences and faith stirring walks with God.

Sheryl also operates Creator in Me, an experiential ministry producing artistically and creative activities that are both challenging and personally fulfilling destined to bring out the Creator in you so you can practice a closer walk with God.

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