FINDING LOVE: 5 Deadly Habits That Keep Mr. Right Away

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By Talisa Beasley

As Janice slammed down the phone in disgust, she begins to focus on the gnawing in the pit of her stomach.  This pain represents the feeling of yet another relationship that has gone up in smoke.  Her first instinct was to blame the pool of men in her community or even the pool of men in the world.  Then she recalls a conversation with a friend that told her about her contribution of negative behaviors that seem to add to the problem.  Could she really be part of the problem?  She sat and wondered.

Janice is not alone in her thinking.  In the minds of unmarried women, the worry of being alone is a fear that keeps them up at night.  Many like to avoid the problem by finding a reason to blame the other party.  But the time has come to recognize what YOU may be contributing to the long line of breakups!  Here are 5 deadly habits that you may want to avoid:

1. Not BEing Authentic

Many women are donning a mask over the trueness of themselves with the worry of wondering if he will like me or I need to say the “right” thing. This is both tiring and emotionally draining. Many men are seeking women who are real and will allow them to experience their realness. Men appreciate authenticity and the women who can love them and cradle them in the warmness of their personality.

2. Not BEing Open

“I only like men with a large bank account.” Or “I only like men that give me lots of money.”  Have you heard comments like this? These comments limit your pool of opportunities. When opportunities are limited, we get LESS!  Consider broadening your vision of the idea of a good man. The more you are exposed to, the more you can expose to your love pallet and find the relationship that is tasty and sweet!

3. Not BEing Whole

How many times have we heard the statement: “I need to find someone to complete me.”  May I suggest something?  If you are not complete, you will only find someone else that is not complete and the both of you will make an incomplete equation!  Take the time to find your “wholeness.” Work through your issues, get over past hurts, or find your way to happiness so that you can invite your love into your world of happiness.

4. Not BEing Visible

It has been said, “Home is where the heart is.” But home is NOT where you will find that love you have been seeking. Not in front of the television and not on your couch.  Rediscover the fun things in your life and you will find that the love you seek is out waiting for you.  Let the one you seek find you having the time of your life and they will inquire how they can be part of the fun.

5. Not BEing Ready

Bad vibes and bad attitudes do not a ready woman make. Translated, you must begin to purge and evolve beyond past hurts and poor choices in order to be ready to be part of something that is good for you. Too many jump from one relationship to another only to spread and increase their pain. Learn the lesson from the past and apply your knowledge to the relationship of the future. You will find all your hard work will pay you forward more than you can imagine.


Talisa Beasley1Talisa Beasley
Talisa Beasley is a noted Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host and Success Life Coach. Talisa is the President and Founder of In The Beginning Consulting, LLC, an educational and personal development consulting firm committed to helping individuals unleash their strengths and skills to move into the success that they desire. She conducts workshops and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. As a former teenage parent, Talisa knows what it means to have to make things work! Talisa shares her experience of moving from what society considered to be a life destined for despair to a life that has seen one success after another. Talisa promotes that “Nothing is Out of Reach” to all of her clients. Talisa is deeply committed to helping people become unstuck, balanced, and empowered within their lives.

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