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by Talisa Beasley
The Department of Labor reports that 123 million women are in the workforce.  Forbes magazine reported that over 44% of individuals are not happy with their jobs. That means that close to half of the country’s population is unhappy with their job. With over ¾ of our lives spent at work, this proves that about half of our country is unhappy with their lives.  The sad part is that many will not make the changes needed to make their lives fulfilling.  BUT, that is NOT you.  You have the opportunity to make a shift in your life and get the life you REALLY want.  Check out how to do that!

Taking the Bite Out of Fear

The great Zig Ziglar defines fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  I would add to that by saying, “fear is an emotion implanted in you to warn you of impending danger”.  But when fear is left unchecked, it starts dictating your actions and eventually your life.  You have to take back the reins of your life and put yourself back in the seat of control!  Here is the way you do that: Get clear about the fear and determine if it is real or fantasy.  The reality is that most of our fear is often FANTASY.  Whew, that is a relief!  The very thing you have feared is FALSE and now you have the permission to proceed!  So get back into the driver’s seat and get moving!

Getting Some Altitude

Having a good attitude is the best way to raise your altitude.  At a higher altitude you are able to view things more clearly and not be so affected by the small stuff.  One of the best ways to find a good attitude is by developing life of gratitude.  That’s right, being grateful for the things in your life and the life you have.  My mother always told me that there were plenty of people who would love to have my clothes and my plate at dinner.  That statement forced me to think about all of the children I saw on television with the swollen stomachs due to lack of nourishment.  Now, think about the people who do not have nearly as much as you do and do better with less.  Begin shifting your thinking to being grateful for all that you have.  You will find your attitude moving back into its rightful place and you are well on your way to living your best life.

Have Some Affirmation

Have you noticed when things are reinforced they are more durable and are able to last for a longer period of time?  Reinforcements bring security to an item.  The same works for human beings.  Have you noticed when you tell children how smart they are, they excel even further?  The same is true for you.  Start by finding some activities that reaffirm your goals for your life.  Find some friends that reaffirm the person you want to become.  Hopefully, you can find a job that reaffirms you and then life really takes off!  The good news is that as you feel better you will begin trying new things that are good for you.  When you are in your best mind, you are UNSTOPPABLE!

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Talisa Beasley
Talisa Beasley is a noted Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host and Success Life Coach. Talisa is the President and Founder of In The Beginning Consulting, LLC, an educational and personal development consulting firm committed to helping individuals unleash their strengths and skills to move into the success that they desire. She conducts workshops and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. As a former teenage parent, Talisa knows what it means to have to make things work! Talisa shares her experience of moving from what society considered to be a life destined for despair to a life that has seen one success after another. Talisa promotes that “Nothing is Out of Reach” to all of her clients. Talisa is deeply committed to helping people to become unstuck, balanced, and be empowered within their lives.


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