10 Things Every Woman Should Own!

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By Ann-Marie Payne

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but never seem to have anything to wear? All women should have certain essentials that will always make her shine. You should be able to make an entrance without saying a word in what I call the “jaw dropping” entrance. Let’s bring sexy back for 2016!  Whatever you wear, remember: the sexiest dress is one worn with confidence. Wear it and own it. You can be sexy, simple or sizzling.

Below are just a few essentials every women should own. I know I do!

Of course, #1 would be a great LBD.

1.   A Little Black Dress (LBD)

Black, a true basic color, can be formal or informal. It puts focus on your face, gives a slimming look and conceals imperfections. The Little Black Dress was first introduced by Coco Chanel in 1926. It is an evening or cocktail dress that has simple design and short cut.

The LBD is a must-have for every woman. Choose one that flatters your figure; one that epitomizes elegance and simplicity. To change your look, wear it with killer heels or cute pumps. Accessorize accordingly or just throw over a fancy stole or bolero to jazz up your LBD. You can go sexy or conservative. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong.

2.   At Least One Pair of Great Jeans (One that fits well and showcases your assets) or one in each style.

Colored jeans are also fabulous, quite versatile and are currently all the rage. I have about 65 pairs of jeans. Some plain, some with color, most with some sort of embellishment — love those! They can be kinda pricey so if you want the embellishment without the hefty price tag, go to Michael’s, buy the patches and glue, sew or iron them on. If you do it right, no one will ever know the difference. People are always asking me where I got mine.

(See my article on 7 Tips for finding your best jeans)

3.   A Chic and Darling Handbag

Please don’t choose a bag based on what’s in. Choose one that you can wear with most things and one that is stylish. Total package: great jacket, jeans, handbag, boots

4.  Two suits (Preferably One in Creme or White and One in Black)

The white is for formal or evening affairs and the black one is for business or also evening wear.

5.  A Gorgeous, Classic but Comfortable Pair of Pumps

Ladies, this is something you may want to splurge on. You want sexy but comfortable. Invest in quality and make sure you know a good cobbler as you will want to take your shoes at least once a year, depending on how often you wear them.

6.  Scarves – Build a Scarf Collection

It can add color and pizzazz to any outfit. (Different sizes and colors)

7.  A Pair of Sunglasses — Not too big or too small.

Tom Ford has awesome sunglasses (ebay has a great selection)

8.  A Daring Blazer  One that fits and flatters.

9.  An Evening Dress Whether long or short, make sure it sizzles.

10.   A Trench Coat

Enter Burberry in the 1800′s, who created the trench for soldiers to withstand the rigors of the weather. It is classic. Bogart wore one in Casablanca. It has only gotten better over time. Per Styletips 101, “Trench coats are very versatile because they add a lot to any outfit, and they keep you warm all at the same time”. Pair a trench coat with knee-high boots, and a mini skirt and you have a very sexy, yet still conservative enough, outfit!

Try different styled trench coats from military to simple with just a tie around the waist. They can be very elegant as well as simple and feminine. Make sure you get one in white and one in black.

Pair a white trench coat with a pair of black high-waisted pants and stiletto heels. It will look absolutely stunning.

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Ann-Marie Payne
Ann-Marie is a native of St. Michael Barbados. She relocated to Atlanta from New York and has lived in Atlanta for five years. She is a Certified Image & Etiquette Consultant and Owner /CEO of Impact Image, L.L.C. Personal Branding and Image Management are her passions because they tie the internal and the external together — linking how you look on the outside with who you are on the inside. Ann-Marie is available to meet for individual consultations.

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