It’s Planting Season…

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By Dr. LaTrelle D. Jackson

The saying, “You Reap What You Sow” has been passed down for generations.  Why has it stood the test of time?   Many would say because it rings true based on the laws of nature. Whether it is lawn care, corporate dealings, or relationships, there is a connection between invested energy and outcomes.

Let’s look at the people who mean the most to you.  More than likely, you nurture those relationships with your time, attention, and support.   Through shared activities, conversations, and beliefs, relationships deepen and grow stronger with time.  The same principles apply to preparing for your career, tending to a garden, or maintaining your home.  Investing your physical, emotional, and spiritual resources to work towards identified goals is beneficial for enhancing the chance for positive results.  If this nugget of wisdom has been available for centuries, why don’t more people use it?  It seems simple enough to follow the formula for personal success.  After all, it’s straightforward, clear, and uncomplicated.  So what’s the problem?

Three reasons can block you from following this formula and cultivating an ideal ‘crop’. Examine whether these factors are impacting your ability to sow healthy seeds, fertilize your soil, insure they are nurtured, and reap great rewards at harvest time.

1. Lack of Awareness – Self-awareness requires focus and intentional energy.  Humans are not wired to monitor their interactions and thoughts constantly 24 hours a day.  The challenge is when we are not in tune with the messages we convey in our interactions.  Oftentimes, we think we’re projecting a certain image, but that is not how some receives us.  How would someone describe you?  Would the adjectives fall along the continuum of caring, interpersonally engaging, other-focused, and attentive in conversations or self-absorbed, always busy, and difficult to read.  Check in to see what vibes you send to better understand why you are drawing or repelling people and blessings that could “bloom” in your life.

2. Lack of Knowledge – Have you researched what additional skills, resources, or experiences could propel your life to the next level.  We can sometimes miss what to sow on our plot of land and that can directly impact what blossoms in our space.  The Bible states for lack of knowledge, the people perish.  Not knowing what you should be planting can stifle your ability to prosper – resulting in perished dreams.  Who are the people that you should be networking with?  What additional training could advance your position at work?  How is your communication with others? What process do you use to seek guidance…is it working or need an update?

3. Lack of Faith – The farmer must have a certain level of trust that his effort in planting the fields will yield a healthy crop.  What’s preventing you from taking that leap of faith?  Address it head on – weed out fear, non-affirming acquaintances, negative self-talk, and self-doubt.  Taking calculated risks in life can yield great rewards and/or important life lessons.  No guts – no glory.  Believe in yourself and then activate your faith to begin sowing.  Pondering the what ifs and never moving into action won’t allow you to reap anything.

So what are you sowing?  It is imperative to prepare today for the tomorrow you want to live.  It’s Fall time…planting season.  Let’s get busy!

LaTrelle_JacksonLaTrelle D. Jackson, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and clinically-certified forensic counselor. Dr. Jackson is an associate professor and director of clinical training in the School of Psychology and Counseling at Regent University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University of Georgia. Committed to integrated wellness, community empowerment, moral leadership, and culturally-sensitive education, Dr. Jackson has engaged in a variety of academic, business, political, and civic endeavors. In 2011, she was elected to the office of Secretary for the American Psychological Association, while retaining her position as Membership Chairperson. Currently, she serves as the Psychological Health Consultant for Esteem Magazine, an Atlanta, Georgia based firm. She can be contacted at for questions, comments, or concerns generated from the column.


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