Pam, 44: Breast Cancer Survivor Spotlight!

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By Mmagery Photography

​Pam is a wife and mother of a 6-year old little girl. She lives in Savannah, Ga.

She was diagnosed on May 2nd of 2012.

Her motivation is her love for her family, love for Almighty God, and her love for her ministry as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Even though we suffer from the pains and indignities of human imperfection; we are first made in God’s image and also have assistance from his Son, which gives us the ability to face up to challenges such as breast cancer. Pam realized that there is still a whole lot of living left to do. “A diagnosis is Not a death sentence!”

Mmgery Photography

Early in my life, I learned that the two most important books in just about every families’ home are the family bible and the photo album. The family photo albums illustrate the stories and events that color every family’s history. Having a strong love for my family and it’s history, I picked up a camera at an early age to capture as many of these moments as possible. I would love to do the same for you and yours.

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