Kim, 49: Breast Cancer Survivor Spotlight!

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By BeMe Photography

“You have breast cancer!”

From the moment I discovered the lump in my left breast, I dreaded hearing those words.  As I watched the lump grow; as I examined the look of concern on my doctor’s face as she examined my breast; as I watched the ultrasound technician draw lines across a dark shadow on the screen measuring diameters; and as I waited for my results sitting in the doctor’s office 3 days later holding my husband’s hand, trembling…..I dreaded hearing those four words. And then, I heard them…


And surprisingly, I felt a calm and felt an odd sense of relief!  No more waiting! No more worrying!  I didn’t shed a single tear.

Was I stronger than I thought? Absolutely! Strong enough to fight like a girl!  I won! Cancer free since December 2010. But I’m still fighting for myself and all of my other sisters in pink by walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on October, 6th 2012.



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