Four “Insider Secrets” Every Woman Should Know about Career Promotion

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Four “Insider Secrets” Every Woman Should Know about Career Promotion 
By Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A.
Oct 2012

Asking for a promotion is not for the faint of heart. It takes boldness and determination to create and build the momentum required to get that much deserved promotion.”

It would seem as though this is the most unlikely time for you to consider a promotion in the wake of pay freezes, pay cuts, massive layoffs, and corporate downsizing.  Nevertheless, now is the best time to strongly consider advancing your career, make the money you deserve, and find fulfillment in a career you love. Unfortunately, many professional women desire a promotion and hesitate because of fear; or, they lack the “insider secrets” to move forward.

Start by overcoming your hesitation and fears.  Reframe your fear and make it seem trivial. For instance: There are thousands of women who have to worry about getting paid what they deserve. Against that perspective, daily play this simple but powerful game to move toward the things you want: “wouldn’t it be nice if …?”  Wouldn’t it be nice if I was paid what I’m worth?” “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a fulfilling career?”  “Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have to work so hard?” “Wouldn’t it be nice if I was promoted and our family goes on our dream vacation?” You get the point.

Next, get prepared. Asking for a promotion is not for the faint of heart. It takes boldness and determination to create and build the momentum required to get that much deserved promotion. Keep in mind, promotion requires a combination of four “insider secrets”: a proactive plan, proof of performance, perseverance, and a positive attitude. Let’s explore these “insider secrets” to move your career forward.

Secret #1: A proactive plan includes having a courageous conversation with your manager about how you would like to contribute or make a difference within the company for the future. Your proactive plan should include — what you want, what your manager and company wants, knowing your value, supporting documentation, and potential next steps toward promotion.  Show enthusiastic and genuine interest in the success of the company and how you can make a difference.
One more thing: include your family in your plan.  A promotion will require more commitment which may include schedule changes, longer work hours, or working weekends.  Any change in the family dynamics could be disruptive, so anticipate any possible resistance.

Quick Tip:  Reassure your loved ones the change is to better the family’s financial future.

Secret #2: Keep a track record of good and outstanding performance.  No manager in their right mind will promote you if you arrive to work late, take long lunches, surf the internet, and miss project deadlines. Stay focused and keep documentation of how your skill set has improved. Maintain an ongoing record of your contributions and achievements leveraged against the success of the company.
Companies are in the business of making money, saving money, and reducing costs. Show how your contributions and achievements align with these company objectives.

Quick Tip: Keep real proof of your character.  For instance, have your co-workers write recommendations on Linkedin® showing how you are a team player or how you are open to take suggestions, constructive criticism, and direction.

Secret #3:  Be optimistic that your manager is open to your request; however, be realistic if after the initial meeting you’re not immediately promoted. No doubt, other employees are seeking promotions too. So, persevere through the process of getting a promotion and take responsibility to revisit your conversations with your manager showing him/her your plan and progress.
Quick Tip: Without being pushy, set up regular intervals on your manager’s calendar to show your perseverance and desire for promotion.

Secret #4:  Nothing is more appealing than a woman with a positive attitude. Attitude is a lifestyle that can elevate you beyond your wildest dreams. If your manager does not embrace your initial request for promotion, find out why and make an action plan to correct or enhance your situation. Don’t become offensive, angry, or disheartened; remain positive. Promotion is inevitable.

Quick Tip:  Get a friend who is a “cheerleader” to keep you motivated while you walk through the process of promotion.
Reaching a point where you begin to think about career advancement can be a significant turning point in your life. So carefully consider which career options are available and a good fit.  Why?  Imagine going to work each day enjoying your promotion as it could provide a better life, personal fulfillment, getting paid what you deserve, and financial security for you and your family.
Much success on your journey towards career promotion.

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